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Moving into the flat next week, sometime beyond Wednesday (I imagine Friday or Saturday). There is a horrible amount of stuff I want to do before then, that, of course, will never be done. Fixing the gunblade, for one. It's not broken, but it does need work. I don't know, if I think too much, then there is too much to be done.

From what I hear, there is a bit of work that'll need to be done to my room before it'll feel right. I have a lot of ideas...But I need to get rid of my bed in order to do them. Small rooms cause problems, but I can fix them. I hope.

I'm scared space will limit my videogaming opportunities. There'll be no internet for a while, and no sky either (because, well, same thing in this instance), so videogames are going to have to be my vice (as well as reading, obv). The books can go in my tent, no worries, but where will the games go? They might have to claim the front room. Hm. And I need to download roms for Marth. I don't want him getting bored, y'know?


I feel bad for the boy I've claimed. He sent me a message saying he missed me. I miss him too, but there's just too much to think about. I guess I should email him and explain...right?
Tags: change is scary...often, stick it in the memoir, the boy, woe
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