The Wrong Incline (wrong_incline) wrote,
The Wrong Incline


I'm tired and wide awake. All my thoughts and warmth seem to be rushing to my ears. I keep thinking about thinking about shapes [sic]. I will start thinking in shapes, I always do eventually. There is brain babble and wonderings, until suddenly, it's all shapes. Not triangles or squares, just vague forms, a metaphysical commentary of everything I feel. It is better than the babble, it's so much more instinctive.

What do other people think during kisses?

It's one of those odd questions that can be asked, but always seem faintly out of context. I have lots of questions I feel can't be answered, but in reality, it's just awkward to find someone who has an answer. What do blind people see? The answer is not nothing. Is it dark? Light? Do they see everything in their minds eye? Do they build up an image of the world even if they can't truely fathom the concept of 'image'? If they accurate is the image.

That'd be the impossible question.

*closes eyes* There are other things. Subjectivity is a killer for me. Perception. Time. Reality.

And then, people, of course.

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