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Will We Sink Or Swim?


12/8/08 22:46 - 17

A Boy? Lulwhut?

Yesterday I wondered whether I was possibly leading him on. Today it's just glaringly obvious I have. I've just been joking around the whole time, but he may have taken some of the things I said to heart.

Eh, I dunno. A boy likes me. Or rather, a boy likes me and totally wants in my pants XD. It's not a big deal, I guess. It's...uh...flattering, I suppose. And he's nice enough, kinda sorta cute. Also, a little bit nerdy.

But, y'know, not interested XD It's just that I'm yet to mention I'm not interested. At all.

I am so, so, so morally wrong ¬¬

4/8/08 23:56 - 16

Tara + Edgeworth:

"Eee. Ponce!"
"Argh! Ponce!"
"Fuck you Edgeworth. Fuck. You."

*game progresses, is arrested*

"...Maybe Edgeworth will defend me! ^-^"

Edit: Yeah, Edgeworth really isn't going to defend me here. Bum.

Bonus edit: Hah! Suck on that Edgeworth! I AM THE WORLDS GREATEST LAWYER!!! NYAH! (Oh, and this may just be the gayest thing on ebay, ever: I kind of want one.)

1/8/08 00:42 - 15

CSI without Grissom?


Why would you even continue CSI without Grissom? I love Grissom. ;-;

30/7/08 01:22 - 14

I sort of didn't realise until I got into my room that I had nowhere to sleep tonight. My father made me tidy up, naturally I did a half-assed job and cleared some floor space. Unfortunately, the floor was my bed. So, for the first time in a long time, I am sleeping where I used to sleep when I was in school. I suppose this is less unusual for everyone else. I just haven't slept here in a while. Of course, I'm not sleeping in my bed, I'm on my sofa. It's weird. My fairy lights haven't worked for a long time, and I miss them and I may try and fix them tomorrow. Oh, and there's some confusing lyrics on the wall. I can recall most of them but not these, I guess that's what google is for, huh? I hope the ink really will come off the wall like I promised, 'cause I'm not too happy with the declarations of love on there.

I'm tempted to clamber up into my actual bed, just to look at the wall. There's scribbles there too (and more love, but for a different person, what a surprise). I don't remember what lyrics are up there. I think I need a new wall. I''ve been thinking this out, I want to doodle (pencil this time) on my new flat wall. I want to write things in binary. Draw a few geekerys. I like writing on walls. I wish I knew some damn formulae so I could write them up, godammit.

Oh, and I found a secret to do list from way back when. It was helpfully labelled "secret to-do list". Most of the things I managed to do. I'd be proud, if the list wasn't blatently written by a younger more moronic me. I was such a noob, jeez. Sorry friends. I hope to god no one ever goes through my room, the amount of embarrasing things in here is ridiculous. I'd clear the place out of them, but damn, I almost find that old type of obsessiveness I had endearing, after all, the new obsessiveness has evolved from it.

Wow. Only just noticed I have Teen Titains, Dark Knight and JLA posters up in here.

I need to start paying attention. And cleaning my walls. Jeez.

28/7/08 19:10 - 13

Sploogals MemeCollapse )

22/7/08 22:01 - 12

Claim your numbers:

1. In researching this post (not that research really needed to be done) I finally realised that you, dear girl, should get a medal for your emo achievements.
2. I miss you an astounding amount sometimes, you were just so damn...cool
3. Okay. I know I should get back to you. But I can't. I don't know why I left it so long, and now it's at the point where it's been too long and I can't possibly answer you. So I just block you and delete your messages and, I'm sorry. I don't want to be apart of it anymore, plus I'm back home now,  so I really can't be a part of it due to the distance. I'm sorry to have fucked you around, man, and I swear I'll give you Tales back one day.
4. You asked me what I want to happen? Well, it's already happened, happening, such like. Sorry to give you the wrong impression.
5. How can you be such an awesome, funny, clever guy when your brother is such an asshole? I've only known (and that's a loose term) and spoken to you for the last two days, but I think you're probably one the most kick ass people ever. And you're worse at Halo than me, but I love it, because playing with you is so, so, so fun. <3
6. I know your rebelling/trying to fit in with your new crowd, but dear lord....
7. Rawr. Rawr. Yes, that is what I want to say to you XP
8. WHY DO YOU LIVE SO FAR AWAY!? ;-; ilu <3
9. My slightly irrational fear of annoying you is horribly all consuming, but I miss you and I adore you and I want to talk to you and see you, but I just don't want to bother you >-<
10. I don't even know you, but what the hell!? Why didn't you knock on my door this morning?! I was waiting for you to knock, so I could open the door and get the damn package, but what the hell!? You are the worse postperson EVAR!
11. Okay, so you can't read that well yet, so obviously you can't read this. Plus you haven't learned tech skills yet (other than playstation gaming, you amazing amazing wonder child). But, the point is, I love you. Somehow, regardless of the fact you're 13 years younger than me, have a different father, and magically have blonde hair, we have the same soul. Even our wonderfully dense mother sees it. You are exactly like me, and while I hold some fears about how this might affect you when you're older, I love that we are so like. I love you. I love that you're already drifting into geeky things- Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Videogames. Sometimes I wish you were my kid and not my brother (no, I'm not going to expand on that), and I massively hope that if I have a son, he will be like you. You are absolutely perfect. 
12. Hey. Hey you. You who just read 11. I know I sound egocentric, but shut up, the boy is amazing.

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9/7/08 19:38 - 11

animeCollapse )

8/7/08 20:02 - 10

Okay. I want an inquest into Marth's gender, and I want it now.

7/7/08 19:38 - 9

Rawr! :D

I've been playing Brawl all day. It's good times, though...uh...Hm. The story mode (not what it's called, but I can't remember the words) is stretched, and I have no idea what the story is, if there even is one. In fact, I have no idea why the characters are doing anything at all. What universe is this? Why didn't Mario recognize Yoshi? Why is Link hanging around with Navi again? Why did Dedede be evil and then not be evil? I don't understand! ;-; Oh well, who cares, the characters are awesome ^-^

Seriously, Marth manages to look even more like a princess, and yet he hasn't changed at all. Ike is...Well, he speaks English in his taunts, and for a while he inexplicably reminded me of Patrick Stewart, so, uh...Yeah, he's not as good as Roy was (he's slooooow), and because I'm simple, I get confused when Marthy and Ike are on the same screen (blue hair attack, omg).

Rawr, Falco and Fox have thus far both been dragged around a bit. For some reason I actually like playing Fox now. Wolf hasn't been unlocked, but he better be as awesome as his Halolz appearances :D

Oh, and wherethehell is Sonic? XP I'm sure they're saving him for later, but, uh, all the levels (the kind that you scroll through, not the kind you fight on) look like they belong in a Sonic game. Prehaps they always did? I can't remember Melee. Omg. ;-;

Also, I love Pit. Uh, but don't make me say that sentence again. I do like him, even though he's a bit of a brat. I reckon he'd be bffs with Link. They just seem like they'd be friends ^-^' And the pokemon trainer is a gimp, but Squirtle is amazing, omgomg. I wish he had a Squirtle Squad taunt, but I'd suppose that'd be a bit too geeky. Woe.

I am Babblebabblepants, omg.

So...I like Brawl :D

27/6/08 00:54 - 8

Okay, so VGL, last night. Pretty damn amazing. I'm not going to fan-babble after the cut, so you're safe.
The concert itself was pretty epic. I think the best songs the orchestra played were Hikari (Kingdom Hearts; on the screen there was a video of all the disney characters that help you in the game), Legend Of Zelda Theme (accompanied by a video history of all the games; cue cheering for OoT, and MM weirdly enough) and One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy 7; This was near the end, the first encore song. It was pretty amazing with Tommy-blatentlyobsessedwithspiderman-
Tallarico on guitar.).
The piano medleys were pretty damn epic too.
Oh and the random audience participation was fantatsic. Terrible frogger playing, and crazy space invaders playing. Loved it.

Btw, I love my life.
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